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Truth Unveiled (Paperback)

Truth Unveiled (Paperback)

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"... a compelling novel with unexpected turns and fascinating characters that fans of mystery novels will love." - Readers' Favorite

A victim with a shady past. A grieving sister in need of closure. Can a physician discover the truth without succumbing to a body of lies?

Dr. Samantha Jenkins knows well the bitter taste of betrayal. So the last thing she needs at her best friend's wedding is an interrogation into her own broken engagement. Her fears soon turn to shock on the morning of the big day when the bride's brother drops dead ...

Though she privately suspects the victim lost his battle with drugs, Samantha promises her friend she'll verify the cause of death. But after she discovers an incriminating document and a near fatal accident stinks of sabotage, the physician-turned-sleuth is certain she's hot on the trail of a killer.

Can Samantha foil a murderer's plans before she's next on the slab?

Truth Unveiled is the suspenseful first book in the Dr. Samantha Jenkins Mysteries series. If you like resilient heroines, fast-paced plots, and intriguing twists, then you'll love Stephanie Kreml's medical whodunit.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Alisha Goldstein
A different kind of murder mystery

I received a complimentary copy of the book and am giving my honest review. The story definitely is a murder mystery, but with a different side than just the detective. There are a lot of medical terms that people won't know and get explained in a way that can be understood. There is more going on that shows character growth, and the comings and goings of the character's life.

Christmas Carol
Great mystery

I’m usually pretty good at figuring out mysteries but you really got me this time. The right person was very far down on my list.

twists and turns everywhere, great book

What a great book, suspenseful all the way. I really enjoyed the book and look forward to more of this authors books.

Kindle CustomerWayne Peters
Review of this book.

As a retired nurse I love medical mysteries. This was just what I needed to make my day. Thank you for writing such a wonderful book. I enjoyed every minute of this book. There were a lot of twists and intrigue in the story. You had me completely fooled. Two or three times I thought that I had figured out the who and how. I was completely fooled. An excellent book from beginning to end. Thank you for writing such an awesome book.

Kindle Customer
Promising Series

I did like the plot, the twists, and the characters. Unfortunately, the one part I didn't like somewhat overshadowed the positive. It was like any non-physician had a really low IQ, especially poor Dylan who appears to have retained nothing of junior high level science. Regardless, I will read the next book and hope the new characters aren't stumped by the word "embolism".